Box Quarantine

This post may surprise people as I am know, for example, as having a cavalier attitude to things like sell-by dates.

I’m taking C19 a little more warily though. Althought I think that picking up the bug from a shopping trip is not a great risk, I still take precautions.

When I go into the shop I wear gloves – gardening gloves which seem to be more practical then wresting with latex ones. They don’t wear out either.

When I get home I find an empty cardboard box and mark it up for three days hence, so if today is Saturday then I write Tuesday on it.

I then put all the shopping in the box.

Anything non-perishable and non-urgent stays in the box until tea time on Tuesday by which time 72 hours (or thereabouts) have passed and any lurking C19 will have gone to the great petri dish in the sky.

Perishable food in any sort of packet I transfer to my own packaging or food boxes using gloves to handle the shop packet but bare hand for anything else.

If the shop packaging is reusable then I put it in the box with the non-perishable shopping so it can get reused a few days on.

Anything which can’t be handled this way and which can’t wait gets a disinfectious spray and a wipe. This applies mainly to bottles (usually beer!).

Am also wary of the post. Letters and cardboard boxes I leave for 24 hours, plastic wrapped things for 72 hours.

I suspect I’m being over precautious but, for the sake of a few minutes, better that than bringing C19 into the household.

Santa’s sleigh in the sky

This is for 2019 and will be revised for the next year.

If you have little ones and they are up early on Xmas morning (and what child isn’t? 🙂) and the weather is clear then point them towards the heavens at around 6.50 or so (see below).

With a couple of minutes’ patience scanning the sky to the south and southwest and a little luck they’ll see Santa’s sleigh heading home!

London: 6.52, Birmingham: 6.54, Cornwall 6.56.

(it is, of course, the International Space Station)


Hayling Island, 2015.
Hayling Island, 2015.
Hayling Island, 2015.
The Solent, Hampshire, 2015.
Carshalton, Surrey, 2018. The Carshalton Day Of Dance.
Hampshire Avon, Boxing Day 2019. In flood and over half a mile wide.


Appledore, Devon, 2017.
Croydon 2016.
Dorset 2017. Black Bream freshly caught from Bournemouth Bay
Hampshire 2015.
North London, 2019. Coots feeding on proffered mealworms on the Lea Navigation.
Hayling Island, 2015.
UK, 2015.
Hayling Island, 2015. Black-Headed Gull (left) and Common Tern.
London, 2017.


London 2004. On South Bank by HMS Belfast.
Croydon 2002. Triumph 2000 saloon from 1968.
Black Mountains, Wales, 2007.
Black Mountains, Wales, 2007.
Black Mountains, Wales, 2019. Wether (neutered) rams in conference.
Croydon 2014.
London 2019. Old Thameside Inn, Southwark


Croydon 2016.
London 2019. Viewed from the Thameside Inn on the South Bank
Dartford, Kent, 2016.
Croydon 2018. Shirley Park golf course at dawn.
Cranbrook, Kent, 2019. The Apple Fair.
Croydon, 2010. 1960s Jaguar 420G awating restoration.
City of London, 2019. Looking south to the Elephant and Castle tower.
London 2019. Highgate Cemetary.
London 2019. Classic car owner on way to a show (car is a Morris Marina GT)


City Of London 2018. My eye was caught by the almost claustrophobic way the tunnel shrinks into the distance.
Brecon Beacons, Wales, 2019. A damp chill morning during the lambing season.
Whitstable, Kent, 2018. “The Reluctant Gardener”
Hampshire 2017. My faithful opener which had travelled 10 year on my key-ring finally uncapped its last.
Croydon 2019.
Twickenham 2019. River Crane.
Kent 2019. Ale and meat for Morris musician.
Croydon 2019. Baked Beetroot