The Ellis Family of Bideford and PEI

This site is very much in the making. It is written by Andy Ellis, resident of Croydon, Surrey, UK and descendant of Johan Ellis who lived in the Bideford in the 16th Century.

To help any Ellis researchers, this is the family which had the shipbuilding businesses in Bideford, Devon and at Port Hill, PEI in the 19th Century, and after whom the Ellis River is named.

It is hoped to grow this site with more family data from both sides of the Atlantic.

We are indebted to my late aunt Valerie EllisĀ  who did the research and produced the scanned documents for Johan (1549) and descendants and Robert and Mary .

Other Ellis Families in PEI

Charles H Ellis (Details to follow) arrived from Greenock in 1845. Robert Ellis, 1st cousin of William, reached PEI in 1819.