Box Quarantine

This post may surprise people as I am know, for example, as having a cavalier attitude to things like sell-by dates.

I’m taking C19 a little more warily though. Althought I think that picking up the bug from a shopping trip is not a great risk, I still take precautions.

When I go into the shop I wear gloves – gardening gloves which seem to be more practical then wresting with latex ones. They don’t wear out either.

When I get home I find an empty cardboard box and mark it up for three days hence, so if today is Saturday then I write Tuesday on it.

I then put all the shopping in the box.

Anything non-perishable and non-urgent stays in the box until tea time on Tuesday by which time 72 hours (or thereabouts) have passed and any lurking C19 will have gone to the great petri dish in the sky.

Perishable food in any sort of packet I transfer to my own packaging or food boxes using gloves to handle the shop packet but bare hand for anything else.

If the shop packaging is reusable then I put it in the box with the non-perishable shopping so it can get reused a few days on.

Anything which can’t be handled this way and which can’t wait gets a disinfectious spray and a wipe. This applies mainly to bottles (usually beer!).

Am also wary of the post. Letters and cardboard boxes I leave for 24 hours, plastic wrapped things for 72 hours.

I suspect I’m being over precautious but, for the sake of a few minutes, better that than bringing C19 into the household.